Functional chain accelerator

Hello all,
I have a quite complex functional model now in capella.
I want to show some functional chains in my LAB view.
I have found the way to do it with the big blue lines.
My problem is that I have not modelised any functional chain yet.
In the other hand, I have already created a lot of functional exchange scenarios (FS/ES).
I search in the online help and didn’t find anything else than this :
Capella Guide --> User Manual --> Diagram Management --> Creation of functional chains and physical paths
But this does not cover my need.
Did I miss something and a modeling accelerator already exist in Capella or do I need to create every functional chains myself manually ?
Thank you in advance for your advices.

Sorry but there is no automated creation of functional chains based on scenarios. We are sometimes also asked to do the opposite. This would be an interesting feature, but it is not planned yet.
The question is: if you already have scenarios, why do you need to create the corresponding functional chains? Usually we would do one or the other (some “stories” are better illustrated by scenarios, some other are better illustrated by functional chains)

Hello Stephane,
Thank you for your answer.
I need functionnal chains because I want to highlight my scenarios on my LAB view.
Do I miss a functionality which allows me to highlight exchanges on a LAB view based on a Scenario instead of based on a functionnal chain ?
Thank you in advance for your advices.

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