Functional chain accelerator

Hello all,
I have a quite complex functional model now in capella.
I want to show some functional chains in my LAB view.
I have found the way to do it with the big blue lines.
My problem is that I have not modelised any functional chain yet.
In the other hand, I have already created a lot of functional exchange scenarios (FS/ES).
I search in the online help and didn’t find anything else than this :
Capella Guide --> User Manual --> Diagram Management --> Creation of functional chains and physical paths
But this does not cover my need.
Did I miss something and a modeling accelerator already exist in Capella or do I need to create every functional chains myself manually ?
Thank you in advance for your advices.

Sorry but there is no automated creation of functional chains based on scenarios. We are sometimes also asked to do the opposite. This would be an interesting feature, but it is not planned yet.
The question is: if you already have scenarios, why do you need to create the corresponding functional chains? Usually we would do one or the other (some “stories” are better illustrated by scenarios, some other are better illustrated by functional chains)

Hello Stephane,
Thank you for your answer.
I need functionnal chains because I want to highlight my scenarios on my LAB view.
Do I miss a functionality which allows me to highlight exchanges on a LAB view based on a Scenario instead of based on a functionnal chain ?
Thank you in advance for your advices.

Hello everyone,

I know that this thread is more than 4 years old. Are there any planned updates in the Capella tool to address the feature discussed here? Or maybe some workaround that simplifies the generation of a functional chain from a scenario?

I have the very same need as what was originally requested here. In many cases, I agree with @SBonnet that either scenarios or functional chains are more suitable for illustrating a “story”. However, there are also cases where scenarios and chains are complementary and describe different aspects of the same story. Even if the definition is provided by either a chain or a scenario, it would be great to generate a consistent representation in the other description format. Depending on the audience of the documentation, the visualization needs differ and re-documenting it manually in the other format bears the risk of creating inconsistencies for the redundant information.

As a simpler solution than a full functional chain accelerator: Would it be possible to highlight all functions and exchanges from a scenario in the [*AB] diagrams (exactly like a functional chain would be shown)? In that case, we could focus on scenarios for the definition while still being able to show the impact on the architecture like how we would do it with chains.

Thank you,

This feature would be nice, as it would ensure consistency between the visualization of Functional Chains and Scenarios in a xAB diagram. Until now it hasn’t been identified as a priority here though.

@JNavas, thank you for confirming that this is a need that is not only specific to what we are doing. If there is a chance to upvote the priority for such a feature, I’d definitely do so.

Hi Juergen,
You may also contact us (Obeo) in case you were interested in sponsoring some Capella improvements!
All the best,
Obeo Canada

Hi Stephane,

that’s good to know, thank you.

As of now, I’m evaluating Capella as a tool for MBSE in our development process. That is, it’s currently premature to think about sponsoring to add features before we have even introduced the tool. At the current stage, the scenario visualization I asked above is a nice-to-have and no hard requirement pro or contra the tool. Having Obeo as a backup for customizations is an option I like.

Best regards,

Thanks for the feedback!

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