This forum is for all questions, big or small, you might have. Please read the rules in this forum before submitting any Q&A.

  1. Search before posting.
    Use the search function before posting or creating a new thread. Whether you have a question or just something new to share, it’s very likely that someone has already asked that question or shared that news.
  2. Post using a clear and descriptive subject and message.
    You’re most likely to receive a helpful answer to your question, if you use a short subject title that describes your problem and a message that explains in detail, what your problem is and what you’ve done to try solving it.
    Try as much as possible to:
    Precise the tool version (e.g. Capella v1.0.2)
    Detail your environment (e.g. Windows 7 x64 with JRE 1.7 x64)
    List the steps that lead to the issue to reproduce it
    Attach screenshots of the problem for better understanding
    Criticity/Severity of the problem: is it blocking for you?
  3. Use the English language.
    We understand that with all the different nationalities, not everyone speaks English well, but please try. If you’re really unable to post in English, use an online translator. You’re free to include your original message in your own language, below the English translation.
  4. Create a thread or post a message only once.
    You’re free to edit your message as you like, so if you do not receive an answer, revisit your message and see if you can describe your problem better. Not everyone is online at the same time so it might take a while before you receive an answer.
  5. Help others if you can.
    If you see posts from others where you can help out, please do so. This place exists because people are helping each other, and even if you are relatively new to the matter, there’s probably quite a few people with less experience than you, who could benefit from what you’ve learned. Don’t be shy.
  6. Keep threads / posts on-topic
    Whilst a minor amount of off-topic posting may be overlooked, the general rule is that your posts / threads must be relevant to the Forum / thread in which you are posting.
    General information: For news and announcements relating to Capella and Capella Studio
    Arcadia, Capella workbench and Capella Studio: For all question / request threads and posts.
  7. Don’t get us into trouble.
    Don’t post copyrighted materials or do other things which will obviously lead to legal trouble.
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