I am quite new to Capella as a modelling tool. I would like to know if Capella can be used for analysing failure modes in a system. Would it be possible to assign failure modes, or failure rates to a block/Item? I could not find any specific reference to use Capella for such an analysis, but thought maybe someone in the community has a suggestion on how to use a system model in Capella for this purpose.

Thank you all!

Here are some suggestions that might or not apply to your context:

First you can define specific properties for any model element, either using PropertyValues, or via developing a new extension viewpoint in Capella. This way, you could consider defining failure modes on physical components or links, reliability or failure rates figures, and if needed compute resulting reliability figures for example.

Second, you can use the advanced definition of modes & states in Arcadia: for example,

  • defining failure configurations that list components failing in one given situation

  • defining state machines describing the dynamic evolution of failures

  • defining mode machines describing the expected behaviour of the system, functions and functional chains expected to be available in these modes

  • defining dynamic failure and recovery scenarios that would describe time-related transitions between modes, between states, and triggers/consequences of each of them

  • then confront failure states and behavioural modes and their consequences, by comparing related configuration contents (given that for example, if a physical resource node component fails, then functions that are implemented by behavioural components hosted by the component are likely no more available)

More on this is described in Arcadia book, chapter 14. System Supervision, States and Modes

Thank you very much! The second solution is quite extensive and comprehensive. I think for a smaller system with less complexities the first method would to an acceptable extent answer the need. Nonetheless, the second method is very interesting to try out as well, if project time constraints allow.

Another question, off-topic, does the book include examples to train on these advanced mode machine capabilities of Arcadia?

Thank you again for your help!


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