Filtering add-on

Recently in the Capella 1.3 intro webinar, filtering add-on (open source) was mentioned. Does someone know where this add-on can be downloaded? It is not available in the add-ons section of the capella website.

The development of the add-on is currently being finalized. Here is a link to download a very recent version, but please be aware that this is only an alpha or beta version, with no documentation and only slight validation. ing-gerrit-master/ws/releng/org.polarsys.capella.filtering.s ite/target/
Do not use this add-on on an operational project yet, wait a first official version.
Important notice: the add-on is only compatible with Capella 1.2.x at that stage!

It became clearer. A result is actually closer to a “OR”.
LA4 appears in result 1 because result 1 includes Sales and Sales is attached to LA4

OK, that was the reason, thanks a lot. Is there any way to display with logical “AND” ?

No, the computation rules are not configurable. We are introducing operators to be able to compose results (union, intersection, exclusion). That could suit your use case. But it is not completely stabilized yet (see if you see the “Composed Result” concept in the contextual menu.

That sounds great if you are already doing that. Can you please let me know what are you referring to by contextual menu ?

Does anybody know where I can find the download link for the 1.2.2 version of the filtering add on? The link posted above now appears to link to 1.3 files

You can try this: ing-master/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/releng/org.polarsys. ing-gerrit-master/ws/releng/org.polarsys.capella.filtering.s ite/target/

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