Exchange Item Title and instances

Hello all,
Please receive each all my wishes for the new year 2023.
I experienced again (may be I already made a post but did not find back): While adjusting interfaces content, it may happen that some of EI have to be deallocated by an interface.
Then the concerned EI loose their title: then all invoking messages turn invalid in interface scenario, the content of FE invoking messages (FS & ES) turns to undefined.
Is it possible to remove this behavior… I thought it happened only for single allocation, but it happens almost always now, and I don’t understand circumstances to avoid any more.
In my case, a system function was reallocated from system to an actor: FE were reallocated to relevant CE, some EI move from FE to another, or FE were reconnected to the new function, as some of a function move from a function to another. (physical interface moved along transmission chain) and some EIs were redesigned. Interfaces did not adjust properly when transforming scenarios, I had to arrange manually, but even automated adjustment that could happen caused EI title loss.
My question: does someone knows how to avoid EI name clearing while deleting an instance in an interface?
I would like to open a concern for next version about this.


Thierry Poupon