Error message after system to subsystem transformation

after a system to subsystem transformation from of a component in the logic architecture to a system, i am trying to create a SAB. When I try to allocate the functions with the command all allocated functions they appear in the actors but not in the new system. When I try to validate the system analysis i get this error message:
Structure (SystemComponentPkg) does not contain any root component part. | Error | I_17 | null | Capella/Integrity | /DiagnosisComputer_1/DiagnosisComputer_1/System Analysis/Structure
| 22:58:16

Any idea whats wrong here or what i need to do?

Any idea someone, this problem still exists and I dont know how to solve it?

The command all allocated functions allows to display all already allocated functions. To allocate the system functions to the system you have to use Manage function allocation command. Indeed the transition system to subsystem does not allocate automatically the functions to the system (only to the actors).It’s a small bug ; probably because the transition system to the subsystem is based on diffmerge tool and the system is not created during the diffmerge (unlike actors) but when the Capella project is created (so it doesn’t know what to compare during the diffmerge).

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