Elements are created for all diagrams

Hello dear Community,

I am at the physical architecture of my model and so far everything seems to be okay. For the Physical Architecture i have created 1 PCBD- Diagram to model all the Node PC’s and Behavior PC’s and in 2 PAB-Diagrams i go further in detail how these PC’s are communicating to each other and how their relation is. I seperated these 2 PAB-Diagrams to smaller chunks to get a better overview.
Then i created a new Behavior PC inside of a Node PC. After that i recognized one problem:
The Behavioral PC is created for all PAB-Diagrams and i have to manually hide them in each diagram. This seems not to be right and now i’m asking:
Is there a better way doing this to avoid redundant “hiding work”?

Thanks in Previous

Hi. I’m not able to reproduce your finding. With two PAB diagrams showing the 2 Node PC, once I deploy a new Behavioral PC in a Node PC in one PAB diagram, the other diagram is not modified.

Maybe you can add some images to illustrate your issue?

Hi, I know it is long time after your messages but I have almost the same problem.

Indeed, I have to create two [PAB] with partially same physical components but with different physical links. I have finished the 1st [PAB] and now when I add new physical links in the 2nd [PAB] ; Capella automatically add the new physical link in the 1st [PAB]. It’s not what I want, so I have to hide them in the 1st [PAB] manually …

I supposed there is an option to avoid this problem. Which option is it ?

Thank you