Drop down menu

Hello everyone,
I have been looking at the creation of the viewpoints for Cost and Quality assessment.
Now i would like to extend the cost viewpoint with an extra drop-down menu from which a string can be chosen from a list of strings. I have a Boolean “Polarion Link” (figure), when pressing this i would like to show some kind of drop-down menu. Is there some kind of attribute that provides a dropdown and that i can populate with options (different strings) during runtime?
I have been looking for this for some time already and help on this will be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance and kind regards,

Some extra info:
This list of requirements should be extracted from a text file from my local drive. I am thinking about creating a multipleChoiseList to my UI which links to an external class which can be populated with the text requirements. The code would look somewhat like the following:
Is there some kind of way to map to an external Class within this Kitalpha DSL (like the “mapped-to External.requirementClass.requirement” in the example)? Any help is welcome, i can explain my question further if needed.
Thank you in advance!

Please specify you task in general.
Why you don’t want to load requirements into capella model and allocate them to elements using standard tools

  1. Load requirements into Capella model (into Requirements package)
    If you use requirements from Polarion you can export them in ReqIF and
    load them in Capella using Requirements VP that you can download from page
  2. After that you can allocate requirements to any model element using
    Requirements Manager dialog