Download capella icons

I am currently implementing a plugin in Capella and this plugin lists some specific items.
I would like to dispay the appropriate icon for each of these items in order to get a quick overview of content of these lists.

=> Is there any place where I could download a set of icons used in capella ?

I use Capella 1.2.1. Help sections provide with icons but they are quite old and different from those used in 1.2.1 (e.g. function ports does not look at all the actual function ports).

Thank you for your help.

You may go to the plugin folder and look for a jar file starting with org.polarsys.capella.core.ui.resources
Change the .jar extension to .zip, and explore the icons\full\png\ folder in it.


Perfect !!!

Thanks a lot !

It seems like this jar only contains icons related to basic concepts (core).
For instance, it doesn not contain icons related to implementation links, port allocation, FunctionExchangeAllocation, etc…

Do you know where I could find the icons related to these “advance” concepts ?

Thanks you

No I don’t, searching through the Capella Git may be an option, or maybe mass-unzipping all plugins that start with obe.polarsys.capella and contains .ui in it…


I have updated the wiki page Resource Materials with this information.

Small icons are stored here


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