Dotted duplicates Component Exchanges appeared in my diagrams

Hi, I have a problem with my graphical visualization of diagrams. Suddenly, some dotted grey lines appeared in my diagrams, they seem to be duplicates of component exchanges since they have got the same name. Opening them in the project explorer, they are placed in the structure folder. The problem is that I cannot find a way to remove them, they dirty a lot the diagrams. I have never heard about them and I cannot understand whether they are just graphical elements or also model ones. Here I attach a picture of some of them (“absolute positioning” and “sensor readings and commands exchange” ones). So I would like to ask you how to treat them and how is it possible to remove from diagrams.

Thank you a lot in advance,

Solved. It was a filter-related issue. I activated the “Hide Simplified Grouped Component Exchanges” and “Hide Simplified Oriented Grouped Component Exchanges” and refreshed the diagram.

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