Diagram update

In our current CAPELLA project we have lot of viewpoint diagrams which are dedicated to specific part of the global system.
In these diagrams we have hidden lot of logical exchanges that are not concerned by the given diagram.
When we add a component exchange to one diagram, this is automatically added to the other ones (I know it is the intended functioning of CAPELLA). But I would know if there are some tricks to hide by default the added item in diagrams when it is created in different diagram ? If not, it means that we have to hide it in each of our 50 diagrams…
Thanks in advance.
Romain D.

Hi Romain,
You have to dissociate:

  • ‘Blank Diagrams’: the user decides which elements should appear on the diagram
  • ‘Contextual Diagrams’: focused on one specific element with specific refresh rules
  • ‘Contextual Diagram Elements’: a blank diagram, but the user can decide it will be contextual to a selected subset of elements
    See User Manual->Diagram Management in the Capella Guide for details.
    Note several refresh strategies are also available.
    FYI, on (very) large models, you can also consider to use ‘unsychronized’ diagrams (see Diagram management->Advanced Management of Diagrams-> Synchronized and Unsynchronized Diagrams). Not sure it will be relevant to your case but just in case.
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