Diagram of realized capabilities / "Capability Realization Blank"?

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You can relate capabilities between different perspectives - either via the transition process or by filling out the field “Realized Capabilities” under Capability’s properties. However, I’m looking for a way to display these interconnections.
I know that they can be found in different sections such as the “Project Explorer” and also the “Semantic Browser”. However I’m looking for a visualization in form of a diagram.
According to the following link I would assume such a type of diagram exists but unfortunately I can’t find it.

Capability Realization Blank?

If it doesn’t exist will it be possible to create such a visualization via the Viewpoint technology? Is there any better option?

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Capability Realization Blank diagrams can be created by right-clicking on the Capabilites package in the Project Explorer --> new Diagram/Table.

But they don’t represent what you wan to represent, which is the realization links between perspectives. For that, I would suggest to develop an extension to Capella.

Yes, that’s what I was looking for: a diagram representation of the realization links between perspectives.

Thanks a lot for your very quick response. Then I won’t need to look for it anymore but start to familiarize myself with the viewpoint development.