Deleting Exchanges and Ports at the same time

Hi All,

I have a model of a future system which has many new elements compared to our current system. I am trying to make a model of the current system which shares many commonalities.

In order to do this I am deleting out the model all the parts of the new system which arent in the old system. I am taking the following steps (in the Physical Architecture):

  • Find a Node PC which isnt in the old system.
  • Looking for a physical link, component exchange or functional exchange that exits this node PC.
  • Select the Physical Link, component exchange or functional exchange
  • Trace this exchange/link to where it starts/finishes.
  • Select the PORTS that start/finish the link/exchange.
  • Delete the links/exchange.
  • Delete the originating element.

I am doing this to ensure there aren’t a load of unused ports on the remaining model elements that were only relevant to the future system.

Is there an easy way to select the ports of a link/exchange at the same time as the link/exchange is selected.

This would make this process way easier.

Or, when deleting a link/exchange; have the option to also delete the source and target ports?

The closest functionality, which does help but not all the way is to select the source/target by right clicking on an element → Navigate → select source/target.

Im using Capella 1.4.2 currently.