Customizing the palettes

I have noticed that we can customize the diagram palettes in Capella, with a right-click -> customize.
For example, in a M&S Diagram, we can hide
ExitPoint from the palette, which make them unavailable as we don’t see them anymore.
The problem is: if I close the diagram, and then re-open it, the palette is restored as its default parameters! That means that
EntryPoint and
ExitPoint are available again.
So I have two questions:

  1. Can we for one specific diagram modify the palette and then save the customization ? (so that it doesn’t disappear anytime I close the diagram)
  2. Can we do that for all the diagrams of one same type ? (for example for all the M&S Diagrams, I want the button
    Mode to be hidden)
    Thank you in advance

Unfortunately this feature is not yet available in Capella. We’ve been thinking of it for a long time, but there are always topics that come with a higher priority.
Currently, you can find the “customize” option because Capella/Sirius rely on GMF, but the real development would be what you describe: making that configuration persistent.

Ok. Is there an upcoming update which will implements it ? Or is it still not planned ?

Still not planned and currently not identified as high priority.
This is an enhancement request that you could file on the
Sirius bugzilla or ask on the
Sirius forum
Sirius is the core workbench Capella relies on. It provides all the “diagramming” foundations of Capella.
Note: Evolutions in Capella or Sirius can always be funded by end-user organizations

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