Custom attributes for Capella model elements

It’s not always necessary to create new viewpoints to extend Capella’s diagrams.
It’s much simpler to create Sirius Specification project only and
add new diagram’s typed based on Capella diagrams.
It’s convinient to have this Sirius specification project inside Capella. It helps
to create and test new representations’s features on the fly.
To specify new diagrams in Capella using Sirius
you need to install Sirius Specification Feature into Capella before.

Hello Craig,
It is indeed not yet possible to display Property Values on diagrams.
For the time being, you can experiment the two options already described:

  • create a dedicated viewpoint
  • create a sirius specification
    Keep us informed on what you will do!

OK - thanks - I am also looking at the All4Tec Safety Architect application which can in principle import from Capella.

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