Creating a glossary of terms

Inside my project I would like to create a glossary of terms that can be reference in all aspect of the architecture. Is there currently a way to do this in Capella?


Probably the best western ay to do this, is by using the PVMT Addon:
Capella MBSE Tool - Add-Ons

This addon Is quite powerfull and yet easy to use :wink:

To Better understand how It works you can check out the YouTube video:

There is also an user guide in the help section of cappella.


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Thank you for directing me to PVMT, which I can definitely see the power of this. What I am having trouble understanding is how to do something simple like a Glossary List with this. As many people on my team are not familiar with the vocabulary used in this project; hence, I want to have a list of common terms available inside the model. Linking a requirement or actor to a term would be amazing!


You could create a new Requirement type (through the Requirement Viewpoint addon), this type could be “Glossary” and then you would be able to link any model element to these “Glossary” Requirements…
Just an idea…
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