Create relation between PVMT and Mass Editing

I’ve created an extension with new properties on Component Exchange using PVMT add-on. Though a set of Property Value is created on each Component Exchange.
What I’m looking for is to have a tabular view, which I can edit, of my Component Exchange and their new value in columns.
I manage to extand the Semantic Browser so I able to get every new Property Values for each properties of my Extension in the “Mass Visualization” view. However, these properties do not appear in the Mass Editing view (I guess, because editable attributes are part of Property Values, not part of the Component Exchange).
Is their any way to get the “value” field of Property Value in the Mass Editing view when we send in this view the element with the applied Property Value ?

PVMT is only available with Capella 1.2.x at this point
Tabular views appear officially with Capella 1.3.
We are hoping the edition of Property Values via Mass Editing will come with the PVMT version compatible with Capella 1.3

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