Create diagram programmatically

I try to create a “Physical Architecture Blank” diagram programmatically but I don’t find topic to help me.
Who can help me ?

I finally find how to do and want to share it we all :
public void createDiagram(String pathName, String representationName, EObject sementic, String representationDescriptionName) {
URI representationsFileURI = URI.createPlatformResourceURI(pathName, true);
Session session = SessionManager.INSTANCE.getSession(
representationsFileURI, new NullProgressMonitor());
Collection representations= getRepresentations(session, representationDescriptionName);
Map<String, DRepresentation> map = new HashMap<>();
Iterator it =representations.iterator();
DRepresentation representation = null;
while(it.hasNext()) {
representation =;
map.put(“0”, representation);
createDRepresentation(representationName, sementic, getDescription(representation), session, new NullProgressMonitor());
public Collection getRepresentations(final Session session, final String representationDescriptionName) {
final Collection allRepresentations = DialectManager.INSTANCE.getAllRepresentations(session);
final Collection representations = new HashSet();
for (final DRepresentation representation : allRepresentations) {
final RepresentationDescription desc = DialectManager.INSTANCE.getDescription(representation);
if (desc != null && representationDescriptionName.equals(desc.getName())) {
return representations;
public DRepresentation createDRepresentation(String name, EObject semantic, RepresentationDescription description,
Session session, IProgressMonitor monitor) {
return DialectManager.INSTANCE.createRepresentation(name, semantic, description, session, monitor);

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