Create/Add a hierarchie of Actors

Hello Stephane,
thank you for the information.
So I could imagine two ways for a work-around:

  1. go up to [OA] and create the additional Actors in parallel - would not be completely correct as there is ment to be a hierachic structure.
  2. go up to [OA] and remove the Actors and get them inside of the System in [SA] as Components - now they can have a hierachic structure but they are part of the system.
    Kind regards

Well, what we have in mind is close to your option 2: everything would be components in LA and PA. A boolean on these components would set them as being actor or not. This would allow realistic physical arhcitecture where a behaviour component “part of an actor” runs on an implementation component of the system. This would also enable easier reuse of building blocks from one model to another.
Hoepfully, in 2018. Or before if anyone is willing to fund that evolution

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