Couldnt find the view' variable

Dear Capella users,
I have been trying to use CAPELLA for a few months now, I can’t take rid of an error that started occurring on my diagrams for a few days.
In system analysis, on my [SAB] diagrams only, I get the error: " Couldnt find the view’ variable " when I perform the “Validate diagram” feature.
I do not understand how to get rid of it and can’t find any indication on the Help contents or the internet.
Do you have any idea of what it means ?
Thanks a lot for your time and help
Here below the full error text:
Description || Resource || Path || Location || Type
Couldnt find the view’ variable || Hot Cell Complex v1.0.aird || /Hot Cell Complex v1.0 [SAB] TOP View system architecture:::::: || Sirius diagram editor Plugin problems

I am not sure what the error is and I am not able to analyze it, but usually, we do not use the “Validate diagram” feature. For some bad reasons, it does not work the exact same way as the “Model validation” command on model elements.
If you have markers (such as warnings) on your diagram elements, emptying the Information view (“Clear view content”) should make them disappear.
Would you be able to use the simple “Validate Model” instead of “Validate diagram”? You can launch it either from the project explorer either by selecting elements on a diagram and using right click / “Validate Model”

To begin with, thanks a lot for your answer. I thought the Validate diagram feature was interesting to use, I will not anymore!
I already use the Validate model feature and it is successful (not giving any additional data to the error), I guess that’s what matters most.
Thank you, have a nice day

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