Contextually create new systems actors from OE/Actors

using Capella version: 1.4.0 Build id: 201911211736, freshly downloaded, I can’t do the following anymore:
In System Analysis / Define Actors, Missions and Capabilities / Contextually create new System Actors from Operational Entities /Actors I cannot select several OE or Actors to make a transition on, like I used to do with previous Capella Version (double checked with 1.3.1, it works fine)
Shift or Ctrl keys seems not operative in this menu
I’ve attached the sample model to help reproducing the issue


A workaround is possible: select Actors and Operational Entities in the Project Explorer and right-click Transition=> Create System Actors

Indeed its reproduced and weird. We will look into it.
Another way to do it, in your diagrams displaying entities and actors, select them all then right click / transition / create System Actors.
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I have a similar experience and following the advice on alternative methods appear to work, but no actual System Actors are created.
Have anyone else experienced a similar failure? Is there an alternative way that I can continue? I am very new to Capella and are trying to work through the ToyCatapult tutorial of SUTD, ESD.