Connection of interface study with functional study at system need analysis level (SA)

I am working on a Capella model (Capella version 1.2.0) at the system need analysis level (SA).
I would like to connect the interface study with the functional study of the system of interest. And I am facing issues when trying to link “Exchange Item allocation” with “functional exchange”.
Interface study description
I define Exchange items and interface. The allocation of an “exchange item” to an “interface” creates an “exchange item allocation” (diagram ID). Then, I link the interface with system and actors (diagram CEI). This allows to create an interface scenario (IS) with sequence message invoking “exchange item allocation” previously defined.
After checking the validity of all those diagrams, I obtain a consistent set: scenario (IS), system interface (CDI), exchange item allocation.
Functional study description
Then, I can start a functional study. One of my goals is to create enough functional exchanges to support the “exchange item allocation” identified by the interface study.
1> I would like to perform a coverage analysis of the “exchange item allocation” by the “functional exchanges” (and, if possible, by “component exchanges”, in case the “exchange item allocation” is fulfilled directly by “component exchange”). Is there a way to perform such analysis?
2> I am also looking for an assistance when defining the “exchange items” carried by a given “functional exchange”. For instance, is it possible to display the “exchange items” classified by “interface” (instead of having the whole list) ?
Thank you in advance for your answers and for your advices (and, more generally for your very helpful forum)
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One link between the definition of Interfaces (and their related Exchange Items) and the definition of Components, Functions and Functional Exchanges (and their related Exchange Items) is the
Component Ports concept.

  • Interfaces are Provided/Required by Component Ports
  • Component Ports have Function I/O Ports allocated on them
  • Function I/O Ports have Incoming/Outgoing Exchange Items
    To perform your analysis you could use the “Interface Generation from Allocated Functions” modeling accelerator and compare the generated Interfaces with those defined previously during your Interface study.
    You can also define queries (e.g. Interpreter view) and navigate through the relations described above to check the consistency of your allocations, search for the exchange items allocated to a given interface, etc.

Thank you for your answer.
Since my post, I have updated my model.
I mainly use the functional objects (focus on “functional study”) with the addition of exchange items in order to improve the ES (instead of using IS).
With this approach, there is no more need to create interfaces and to perform a coverage analysis.
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There are a few validation rules in the pipeline that might be useful for you (if you discover you want to come back to using interfaces…), e.g.:
If there’s an EI on an Interface between two Components, there must be a Functional Exchange between related Components that allocates that EI, and vice versa.
I am not sure however for which capella version these will be available. Probably 1.4 only.

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