Connecting Capella model to a dabatase

Hello everyone,

I am starting this new project and I want to use Capella for the modelling part. However, connexion of the modal to a database is essential for the project.
I woul like to know if it is possible to connect a capella model to a database (MySQL for example)?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

What is the goal of connecting your model to a database? What do you mean by “Connecting it to a database”? (all the model elements? diagrams as well? Live/instant connexion synchronisation of all Capella users or asynchronous connexion run by a user action? To a specific database schema?

Obeo Canada

Hello Stéphane,
Thank you for your reply.

By connecting to a database I mean the model (all model elements ideally) connect to a database, retrieve some data. For example, At some point, I want to connect the state in the state machine diagram to a Database (MySQL), which ideally means when the “system enters a state” it has to “connect to the database” and retrieve some data.

Ah ok, now I understand. I see 2 ways of doing this:

  • either by developing some specific Java in an Eclipse plug-in for managing
  • or by using the Python4Capella addon. Not sure if this is feasible from scratch with this add-on but there are probably ways to connect to a database with it -

I hope this helps
Obeo Canada

I will look into it.
Thank you very much.

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