Configuration management limits (Gitlab) due to model size

Hello Capella community,

We got problem to store big models on Gitlab due to .aird file size whose transfer is not allowed by our cybersecurity constraints (size of 300Mo maximum).
We know how to cut this file depending of the view (OA, SA,…) but in this retro-engineering model 95% of data are in a single view ¶, so we have no tricks.
Some metrics of a concerned model : project of 450Mo, 80.000 objects (box,links, ports → excluding the relationships)
Do you have any proposition/solution to manage this problem ?
For example, a way to cut a .aird file in several files depending of diagrams selected in a single view…?

Thank you and have a good day,

A non optimal solution at all from me, i don’t know if that could help, but have you tried to:

  • Open the file with a text editor (notepadd++), let’s say the aird contains 300000 lines, then manually copy the lines from 0 to 100000 into file 1, …, lines from 200000 to 300000 into file 3.
  • Upload the three files.
  • Then, whenever you redownload the project, you have to manually copy the contents of the 3 files (file 1, file 2 an file 3) into one unique projectName.aird that has 300000 lines.

In your case you would only need to split it into 2. Again I imagine this is not what you were searching for since this needs lot of manual actions, which can get tiresome through many iterations. I will let other Capella Experts bring more handy solutions, if any.