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Hello, I am facing two issues with my Capella modeling, which I guess could be related. Your suggestions will be very helpful.

  1. I created a data model and all my EI in a [CDB]Class Diagram Blank at Logical level. Since this falls in the Common diagrams category, I was under impression that these EI should be available to me across different levels, including System level. But I don`t see any in the list when I try to insert exchange items at System level. Any ideas as to why?
  2. I have started my model from System Level to Logical and Physical. Now, when I try to go back to Operational level and create any models, the links in the workflow dont work and I cant create any diagrams. Is this normal or there is an issue with my files?
    *Sorry for my lengthy post, I hope I stated my problem clearly. Thank you in advance for any ideas and suggestions.

Hello Moe,
To answer your questions:

  1. This behavior is normal. Even if those diagrams are defined under the “Common” category, the data defined is not necessarily shared between the different steps of the methodology. It only means that the type of diagram is the same in the different steps.
    In your specific case, the idea is that the Exchange Items and the data types defined in order to specify the external exchanges and interfaces of your system can be re-used in order to specify the internal exchanges / interfaces of your system (between the sub-components). Otherwise, the contrary is not allowed: to define the external exchanges on the basis on internal exchanges.
    A solution to you problem is to simply “drag and drop” all the data (Exchange Items, Data Classes…) and diagrams from the Logical Architecture to the System Analysis in the Capella Project Explorer (normally defined under the “data” folder in each step).
  2. On the contrary, this behavior is abnormal. You should be able to create diagrams in the Operational Analysis level even if you started your model with SA/LA/PA.
    Could you please precise with which version of Capella you are working?
    Meanwhile, please note that it is also possible to create diagrams from the Capella Project Explorer, with a right click on the different elements, “New Diagram / Table…” menu.
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