Categories of categories?

Can one create categories of categories in capella? This would be a way to create and logically group subsets of categories together. It would also reduce further clutter on diagrams by simplifying them on a higher level.

E.g. I created two seperate categories, each containing 2x functional exchanges. I now want to create a new category that contains these two as subsets.

Possible? If not, how would I go about creating such logical subsets?

It is not possible to create categories of categories, but one exchange can be part of several categories.
Thus you can create by hand this overall category by listing all the exchanges of your sub-categories.

This is the point
The way I use categories would be exclusive: I want to sort FEs to make the group of material exchanges, power exchanges with sub by physical domains, information with sub by physical domains including digital. This because I want to check consitency to EI contents that shall belong as well to these categories that I have to model through property value groups… As nothing checks it in Capella, I do the check in Excel workbook. Excel needs that categories are exclusive for this check, to keep its complexity reasonnable. Using non exclusive categories would require real complex data base treatment, that may be no more compatible with workbook and require going to real database… I have to deal with variated physical exchanges in same model, and their measure or requests transduced including in the digital world, and don’t want to mix.
For me the solution would be find a way to make the check inside Capella, then to introduce relations between exchange categories, EI nature and EIE types. Physical Quantity should be offered a new field to describe physical domain and echange class: Material/energy/Analog information… may be in next versions? Or at least may be some commercial extensions? (Even if in the project I’m running, we are not yet in a position to activate commercial licences)
Thierry Poupon