Capella Studio 1.3.0 is available

Capella Studio 1.3.0 for Capella 1.3.0 was released and is downloadable from the Capella website:

Dear Capella team,
I am currently working on a Team Engineering project as the final part of my Masters with the Open University, and was excited to find an Open Source tool that could help me with high level system engineering.
I have been watching the various webinars this weekend, but then discovered that the latest version of Capella appears to use different icons, etc. for building the diagrams, and so I am finding it rather challenging to match the tool with the webinars.
I see that Pascal Roques’ book “Systems Archetecture Modelling with the Arcadia method: a Practical Guide to Capella” was published in 2017 and therefore I would rather not pay 120+ euros if it is already out of date because it doesn’t match the latest release of Capella.
Therefore my question: Are there any up-to-date Capella tutorials online that cover the basics of starting the operational analysis in the tool that are suitable for a beginner in both Capella and system engineering?
I’m sure that once I can see how to achieve the first few diagrams from Jean-Luc Voirin’s book on Arcadia for the railway crossing example, things will start to fit into place.
P.S. The online samples for the Inflight Entertainment and the Railway Crossing projects relate to an older version of Capella, and won’t load directly, and it’s beyond my experience with the tool to convert them. Is it possible to include updated and numbered versions on the Website?

Hi Duncan,
Please have a look at this tutorial, it should get you started:
All the best,

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