Capella Project versus Capella Library

I’m a little bit confused regarding the difference between libraries and projects in Capella.
So far, the only differences I noticed are:

  • Project can reference and use libraries
  • Libraries can reference and use other libraries
  • Project cannot be used as a reference for other project or libraries
    In the tool itself, I didn’t noticed anything in particular that would be available in a project and not in a library.
    Thus, currently it seems to me that Libraries are actually more flexible while providing the same level of features in Capella than projects. If the system you are describing could potentially be part of a bigger picture in a few years, one may want to create a library instead of a project as there is no specific drawbacks afaik.
    -> Is there any advantages to create project instead of libraries ?

Hi Matthias,
I believe there are no advantages on projects over libraries.

Be careful about Capella Libraries. Today for the first time, I tried to transition logical level elements to the physical architecture phase but could not get the transition to complete. I wasn’t trying the process any different than I have done within a Capella project. I probed around the Capella preferences to see if a configuration needed to be changed but nothing was obvious to me. If a Capella Library does not allow for this operation then that is a major reason to not use them in place of a regular Capella project.

Hi Scott,
Good point, actually this is a regression in Capella 1.3.1 and Capella 1.4.0, it will be fixed in Capella 1.3.2 and Capella 1.4.1, more information here:

I found a bug that may be related to
In short: if the function ports (FP) or functionnal exchanges (FE) have exchanged items (EI) coming from a library, the transition from LA to PA does not work.
In the example attached, if you remove the EI coming from the library, the transition complete sucessfully. Otherwise, it does not complete (but did not openned in debug mode to see log output.
Can you confirm if 555485 solve the issue ?
Is there a release-candidate we can download now that solve the issue ?
Thank you.

Not fixed with version capella-
I opened a bug

555485 is solved in 1.3.2 and in upcoming 1.4.1.
561689 occurs when a library is created without Operational Analysis.

Thank you for your answer.
Indeed I will take a better look at information view.

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