Capella Performances parameters


I would like to merge several models into one, but before that I would like to know if capella would remain usable and functional if there are many elements in the model.

Is there a note explaining the performance of Capella according to the number of model elements, the number of links between elements, the number of views, etc…? By performances I mean how much diagrams freeze/lag when navigating into it, how much the whole user interface freeze when making modification, etc so generally if Capella is still usable when a lot of information are stored in the workspace.

Also, is there a note explaining the parameters (number of elements, number of views …) that determines the Capella’ performance ?

Thank you,

We have some information on this related to the usage of Capella in the context of Team for Capella.
For Capella itself, there is a chapter about this in the documentation containing some tips, but it is not necessarily up to date as performances are constantly improved with each new Capella version.
What is the size of the model (number of model elements and number of diagrams) you are targeting?


ok, I doubt you should encounter any issues with this type of metric, to me it looks very reasonable.

Ok thank you, what is approximately a model size (number of model elements and number of diagrams) that degrades the performance of Capella ?

There is no definitive answer to this as it depends on many things (what features you use in Capella, do you have T4C, which addons…etc…) and I did not do a detailed analysis on this, but I would say that under 100K elements/ a few hundred diagrams, you should be good.
But again, it may depend on what/how you use Capella.

Ok, I see, thank you