Capella objects ID

I have to import into my capella model a set of logical functions (about 500) and functional exchange that comes from excel files.
To do that, i am implementing a java code that parse the capella .melodymodeller xml file, and add the data coming from my
data base.
It seems to work when i add few logical functions, but i am wondering how i can choose the values of internal ID for the objets i add. Is anybody know how Capella define these ID ? (the id looks like this : id=“0ab6bd5e-6ce1-4249-afde-95b0fc34806f”). Are there specific computation rules or logic to define these ID ?
Thanks in advance,

this is more a side answer, but capella is an extensible platform, and you can extend it using eclipse and EMF plugins. In such a context, you can directly instantiate new Capella object within the model , with correct properties, such as sid, set. It will be waaayy more simple to develop than editing the XMI file.
On my side, I’m developping an excel import framework in Capella. This framework gives a java programmer the possibility to read excel file and to instanciate new objects in a capella project. I can alert you when this component will be released.

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