Capella interoperability

Hi everyone,
I am searching the list of tools interoperable with Capella ? the constraints on models, rules, …If interfaces needed, are they published ? open sources … ?

Apologies if this question has already an answer in the forum or in the Capella site.

Hi. In this video you can have a view of the landscape of add-ons to Capella: Capella Annual Message | Thales | Capella Webinar - YouTube


The Add-ons webpage lists Capella extensions and compatible tools. For details, there’s generally a specific link provided.

Note that many of those tools have also been presented during a webinar. In addition, you can also have a look at the Capella Youtube channel.

Thanks a lot Juan and Samuel, I will look carefully to those ressources. Today, for us, interoperability is very very important. Have a nice day