Capella diagram rendering performance and zoom granularity issue

Hi all,

Since my early days trying to learn/work with Capella (now running 6.0.0), I have been having issues with the graphical performance/behavior of Capella.
I have a more than decent system running Windows, however Eclipse/Capella can easily be crippled by a marginally busy project.
I seems to understand editing of a Blank Diagram (at any levels) will cause a few background process from taking precedence and as such the addition/creation/dragging of an object is going to be painstakingly slower as background operation are being performed in the same time, yet sequential in nature.

To that, I am always fighting with the zoom level which i sluggish as hell and isn’t granular enough in my opinion.
the latency is a major issue causing the use of the “Ctrl+mouse wheel” action to be lagging causing the pseudo Realtime action of the mouse to be processed too late to make it even remotely useful.
The main grudge I have against Capella (is it Eclipse, maybe?) is the lack of a deterministic response time.
I zoom in and out so much in order to navigate my project efficiently that the latency always takes me from the scroll from “Page” to “5%” zoom level takes well over a few looooong seconds.

This is a really aggravating behavior I can’t get accustomed to.
Productivity is at the lowest.
The default zoom level increment of 25% doesn’t help and is definitely not efficient as it makes it so easy to jump to the extremes.
I am running multiple 4K monitors for my day to day activities and often Capella is focused on a single monitor.
My GPU is barely drawing a sweat.
I doubt Eclipse is using any kind of GPU acceleration.
It seems to me Eclipse/Capella is suffering single core performance issues.

Are there any plans or workaround that would help Capella hit the road running?
It feels so bad having to make a few project changes is becoming so much of a tedious task.