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Thank you for your anwser!
I don’t understand which element can be a CapellaElement in my case…
I present you my objective :
I have built a new element via a viewpoint : Multiplicity. This element is available through RMB on a Actor.
In my model, I have other attributes on my actors that called MULITPLICITY but they are made with IntegerPropertyValue configuration.
The viewpoint has Rules. When the rule is launched on an actor, I want to scan the project and find out each MULTIPLICITY present on every actors (not only the selected one).
So I want to build a list of all Actors and work with this list to replace MULTIPLICITY (“integer property value” instance) by a MULT (“multiplicity” instance)
My questions are :

  • Am I right to want to do this in the Rule (“run” part)? If not, where should I do this?
  • what can be the CapellaElement in my case?
    Do you understand what I want to do?

Validation Rules should never (and actually cannot) change the model. This property-value to mult update, is it a one-time thing? If it is, you could try to use the capella commandline as an entry point. I don’t think there’s developer documentation, but here are some examples: s.capella.commandline.doc%2Fhtml%2F19.+Command+Line+Support% 2F19.1.+Core+Mechanism+and+Applications.html

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