Can I export self-developed properties with M2doc

Hello! My collegues have develeped new properties for functional exchanges.

Is there a way to export these properties with M2doc? How to find the right aql expressions? I’ve asked my collegues but they don’t know about M2doc or aql.

I’ve tried almost every expression with content assist. Is there any way to find the right expression in a developer’s perspective or something? :rofl:

You have the right intuition by using the interpreter view to create your AQL expressions. You could also use the M2Doc interpreter that will execute the query in the context of your template and have a rendering similare to what you will have in your document.

Here self is a representation element, to access the semantic element (CapellaElement) you need to use the target reference:

or you can select the object from the project explorer (this select the semantic element directly).

If you selected the element from the diagram and used the target reference, you will need to cast the result to the type of element you have as target element using oclAsType(). This way AQL will be able to help you with the completion:

You should have access to references: ownedPropertyValues, ownedPropertyValueGroups, appliedPropertyValues, appliedPropertyValueGroups.

Thank you so much! The content assist gives me the right AQL expression.