Can I enable requirements viewpoint after project creation?

Hi Stephane,
I meant to ask if a project is created without selecting CapellaRequirements Viewpoint in the Viewpoints selection screen of the wizard, can we apply CapellaRequirements Viewpoint after creating the project.
But I managed it by creating a new project and merging them via the Diff tool.
I don’t know whether this is hijacking this thread but I use ReqIF Stuio for requirements, Formalmind Studio, in other words.
I see that Capella imports the structure of the Specification, but the names that are used cannot be reproduced. Capella imports requirements with empty text.
How can I name my datatypes to be compatible with Capella?
Image and reqif attached
Mehmet Ali

I am not answering your last question on importing requirements, but just confirming to you that you can activate the Requirements Viewpoint on a project that is already created, and that may contain already a model.

Thanks, Stephane
I will create a new topic for that.