Can Capella 5.0 add-ons support older version


I developed my own Capella addon on version 5.0 and I want to use it on older versions like 1.4.2. Should it support or not?

It really depends what your “addon” is doing. Is it extending or adding to the capella metamodel, i.e. do you contribute an .ecore model? In that case, it’s easier to have 2 separate versions (even if it might be possible with tricks). If your addon is purely code, it is possible that you can support multiple versions of capella, you just want to make sure that your dependencies in the manifest file are lax enough. Then again, you just have to try, because capella API can also change between versions.

Thank You,

My addon is purely coded.
You are correct the dependencies are used in my addon not support in older versions that’s why not suporting to an older version of Capella.

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