Bullet point levels not exported properly

Hi all,

I experience an issue in Capella 1.4.2 with M2Doch 3.2.0.
Some of my element descriptions have bullet point lists with more than one level.
For the element (a diagram), I use the query diagram.documentation.fromHTMLBodyString().
The content gets exported correctly, but all are set to level 1.
For example, the description

- Level 1
  - Level 2
    - Level 3

gets exported as

- Level 1
- Level 2
- Level 3

Did I do something wrong or is this a problem on M2Doc’s side?


It could be a bug in the HTML to docx conversion. Do you have the HTML code you are trying to convert ?
If you want to have a look at some working examples, you can check the ol tests and ul tests. The doc.html is inserted in the generated document.

I created the description from the Capella GUI. I select the element and then go Properties -> Description -> Open in Editor.

So any HTML formatting done, is done by capella.

I also tried it again in a new model with a new element. Same result: All bullet points are set to level 1.

Can you open the “Documentation” tab in the properties view. It should contains the HTML code of your description. If you can past the part regarding the bullet list problem, I might be able to find what is wrong.

This is what I see in the Docuementation tab

<p>This is an example bullet points list.</p>

	<li>Level 1
		<li>Level 2
			<li>Level 3</li>
	<li>Level 1</li>

<p>End of document.</p>

This is what I see in the exported document.

And these are the commands I used for this example:

{m:for entity | self.containedOperationalAnalysis.ownedEntityPkg.ownedEntities->select(x | x.name = 'OA 1')}
{m:entity. representationByDescriptionName('Operational Entity Breakdown').documentation.fromHTMLBodyString()}

The HTML code seems to be correct (which is why Capella displays it correctly). So I assume something goes wrong in the .fromHTMLBodyString() function.

I tested with your input and I reproduce the problem. I opened the following issue:

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