Bind event exchange item with time event

Hello everybody,

I have created exchange items with the echange mechanisme as an event.

This event happens at a specific time. I have also created a time event in which I’m defining the formula to compute it. The constraint associated to the time event is using some FloatPropertyValues to define the value of the date.

Is there a way to say that this exchange item happens at that specific time event?
Or is there another way to define when the exchange item is available?

In the end I want to produce an interface sequence diagram showing the sequencing of every events.
These events are also used into states-machines to trigger transitions.

Best regards,


By defining the exchange item all you have done is define a dependency between two functions, albeit with a constraint. To describe when the exchange actually occurs you will need to present it in a scenario diagram, e.g. a Function Scenario. If I’ve understood what you are trying to represent you might then need to use a Combined Fragment (OPT) to reveal at what time-trigger event the exchange occurs.