Are there any plugins to export all the informations related to my capella project into an Excel type file?


Basically the title. I would like to get the informations available in the .aird file into a file that can be opened with Excel (or similar). Are there add-on’s that can achieve this?

Thank you.

I’m currently extracting through mass visualization view several kind of object to ensure the quality of the model. For some, selection is painful, if there is a way to get this automated…
I export this way: Capabilities to follow up scenario progression; SF to follow connection to modes is consistent to C, PV and PVG that I use to set variants, to check the way they apply to other items, FE and EI to check if categories are consistent, CE to check again categories, Classes to check relations between exchanged values and signals or variables… Some of them are mixed in the tree, and I can’t hide functions… So if someone knows about just keeping the views for the next opening…
Thanks for information

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Hello Thierry,
Could you tell me more about “mass visualization” ? And how it works?
Maybe you should make a tutorial, and someone will take it from there and expand and find the solution you are searching for.


When selecting some items in the tree view, you can rightclick to access to several commands
One of these is Send to mass visualization view, and the next one is Send to mass editing view.
The first one create a table that can include all fields defining the object (in fact the intersection of available ones relevant to your selection. Then it’s better to select only one kind of Capella object)
The second creates an editable table, but only editable fields are in, the it is shorter.
On the right end you have triple dot command, in which hides a menu. There you find a request to export to csv file.
csv is separated by comma, but you can change it in preference… The best is to try the one that is absent from field contents.
Then the tool presents you the csv as Excel file (launches it when needed): Excel offers to save as xlsx to avoid data loss.
In my business process, I import the result in a table using the query functions of Excel.
The only difficult part is to do the selection each time, as the views are lost when closing Capella.

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For Mass visu, you can have a look at the documentation and look for mass visualization -

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So i understand there is no direct download, only through github for this “Mass visu”?
The ADD-ON available here " Capella MBSE Tool - Add-Ons (" named :

Basic Mass Viewpoint

Has nothing to do with Mass Visu, it seems.
I searched a bit a found that this mass visu had a relation with Kitalpha project i think 5.0.0 |polarsys.kitalpha|

Or this link. ( Kitalpha ( . Not sure.


There is nothing to download to get the Mass Visualisation feature. It is included in Capella.
The Github links are only for the documentation. Technically speaking the Mass Visualisation code is indeed in the Kitalpha framework as Capella relies on Kitalpha for some of its features.

The Basic Mass Viewpoint has nothing to do with the Mass Visualisation.


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Now i understand what you explained. I hadn’t realised you were talking about the actual tree view inside Capella. Thanks again for this explanation.

Thanks ArnaudDieumegard for making me realize it.

Thierry_Poupon, i hope you find the solution for your problem.

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