Are rules DCOM 15 and 16 too strict?

if i do this:
everything’s fine. Nevertheless, if I break down both functions further:
I’m getting DCOM 15 and 16:
Is there a reason that all exchange items shall be allocated to ports belonging only to one function? Would it make sense (this is what I’d like to have, as I don’t want to disable both rules) softening DCOM 15 and 16 allowing for allocation to ports of different functions within one component, or perhaps creating two additional such softened rules (15a/16a)?
BTW, it seems that DCOM 15 is not displayed correctly. Bug?

Hello Jakub,
When I do this, I have no error:
Thus DCOM_15 and DCOM_16 allow exchange items to be used by several functions.
Could you send me your sample model that I check where it can come from?
Regarding the displayed message of DCOM_15 there is indeed a bug.
I have open a bug on Capella bugzilla:
ticket 2061

Hi Aurélien,
please find the model attached below.

So I have looked at your model and it is perfectly fine.
I have also looked at the code of those two validation rules and I have found weird stuff.
Thus I have open a bug (
ticket 2063).
In the meantime, I suggest that you disable those two rules…


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