AQL/M2Doc queries

AQL is a query language for EMF models (technology on which Capella is based).
It defines the basic constructs such as “->size()” to get the size of a list or “->filter()” to filter a list based on type.
Then it uses the relations define in a metamodel in order to navigate between model elements.
That’s where you need to understand how Capella metamodel is defined in order to know the possible relations between elements.
M2Doc uses AQL in order to navigate in a Capella model and extract the information

So, if I understand, AQL queries use the same syntax (for attributes) as the one defined in Capella EMF class diagrams available via CapellaStudio.
Example in the attached file.

Your screenshot is a visualization of the Capella metamodel.
Those relations and attributes can be directly used in AQL queries as AQL directly relies on the metamodel definition

Great !
That should be enough for me at the moment.
Thanks a lot for your help

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