Anomalies when using GIT-CAPELLA coupling (merge tool)

When using GIT -CAPELLA coupling to solve a conflict with the merge tool two kinds of anomalies raise: not possible to launch merge tool or not possible to re-open .aird after conflict resolution

see details in the attached file

PB coupling GIT CAPELLA.docx


its seems there is a Sirius issue when using the merge tool while the aird session is opened.
If you close your aird (right click in it on Project Explorer > Close) before doing the Merge Tools it seems to work properly.

I will create a bugzilla to trace this issue. (

Thanks for you answer, but
Closing the .aird before using merge tool (and also GIT merge and some GIT commands that modifies the eclipse files) is clearly mentionned in the Capella HELP contents, so I do it … and I have the problems with merge tool that I mention in may post.


I seem to be having the same problem as mentioned here. When attempting to resolve conflits, the Git adapter fails to open diff/merge tool. I am using Capella 1.3.1. The exact error message is in the EMF DIff/Merge window : “Cannot load right model : project.aird”.

This error message occurs whether or not the aird session is open.

Thank you in advance for any help.
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