Addon Requirements v0.9.0 has been released

Addon Requirements v0.9.0 has been released
The Requirements Viewpoint for Capella allows importing a set of requirements from a ReqIF file.
You can download this official version on Capella website following this
Compatibility: The recommended target Capella version is the upcoming minor release Capella 1.2.1
Release notes:
(warning) This official Major Release 0.9 is not compatible with previous prototypes 0.5.x due to the fix of blocking issues (".melodymodeller.bridgetraces" file used for the iterative import has been modified in 0.9 to better persist ReqIf IDs, no migration provided for previous prototypes 0.5)
The next patch Doors patch fixes the bug “APAR PI91749” links are missing in exports from baselines (see addon embedded doc in Eclipse / Help for more information)

I downloaded the Requirements VP add-on this week so that I could read the user guide. I understand it has been developed to work with ReqIF files, but the mainly the guide discusses use with DOORs. Can anyone comment if this add-on has been used with PTC Integrity as an alternative requirements management tool?

Hi Scott,
I didn’t try with PTC Integrity but if you can get requirements in Reqif format from this tool, it should work. In fact, with Reqif you can define the properties that you want to get for your requirements. Of course with the requirements addon you can define the requirements properties you want to retrieve in the Capella project (in building a new file ReqifType.Properties, see Preferences/Capella/Requirements/Importer).
For example, in Doors, the PUID property is very important because it allows to identify your requirement; but this property does not exist for the others tools. Of course, you have another property allowing to identify your requirements. You have just to define this property (and others) in your new file ReqifType.Properties and change the requirements’label expression in order to take account the right properties (see Preferences/Capella/Requirements).

Thank you for the starting points for using the Reqmts Add-On. We have not deployed PTC Integrity yet, but this will help with the decisions about the requirements configuration to best suit our needs.

Hi All,
Thanks for the update and good work! Keen to see this new version of the Requirements plugin.
I noticed in the previous releases that imported requirements would not show properly in tables. For example, if I allocated a requirement to a function then created a table showing allocations, the name of the requirement would not show up. I’d really like to be able to use the tables so that I can show (and check) tracibility to the imported requirements. Has this been fixed or is there any chance this could be worked into a future release?
On the subject of fixing bugs and adding new functionality, can anyone point me at a guide for getting hold of the source code and building the plugin? I’ve had a go, but so far been unsuccessful. I managed to build and package the plugin, but when I installed and activated the viewpoint there was no option “Import ReqIF”. I assume I’m doing something wrong, but can’t work it out.

Hi Scott,
Do you means the requirements Add-on part of the User Guide. I can’t find it anywhere, could you please tell me how to find the user guide for requirements Add-on?
Thanks a lot.

So sorry for my late reply due to the holidays. The user guide for Requirements Viewpoint (after adding into Capella) will appear as new section within Capella Help, so just open Help Contents from inside Capella.

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