Adding the same property twice to the same entity

Dear Capella Community,

The PVMT add-on does not allow to take one property and use it to constraint twice the same element. Would this be somehow possible?

We want to create one single property and use it so that we can give, for example, a higher and lower bound to the properties of an element (function, entity), or two different limitations depending on the contextual conditions (from A to B is property_value_1, from B to C is property_value_2).

Thank you all in advance :smiley:

I would have the same question, your first case looks like product variant associated to component variant (or other configuration like state/mode) the second looks like different use phases.
I have another one: property values we can look at with PVMT may vary but weight and cost are already mentioned. For these ones, only physical part have some: Configuration Items in fact. If we want to continue to make sums at PA layer and EA, we have then Physical Component Nodes and Physical Links. PL may represent bridging parts that we donโ€™t want to detail the delay/loss functions. These parts weight, cost in money, material amount, manufacturing energy and are not always minor in the sum.