Adding Requirements Viewpoint into existing Projects

I’ve installed Capella and have created several models. I then learned about the Requirements Addon and have installed that into my environment. I now would like to add the requirements viewpoint into my older projects. How do I do this? I’m running Capella 5.1.0, requirements addon vs 0.12.1

I guess the answer would be in the documentation at Requirements Viewpoint Guide > User’s Guide >ViewPoint Manager :
Viewpoint Manager

  • To see tools and model elements contributed by this viewpoint, you must activate it through the “Viewpoint Manager” view. To open the “Viewpoint Manager” view, go to “Window”>“Show View”>“Other…” then open the “Kitalpha” category and select “Viewpoint Manager”
  • Once the view is open, select an element of your model. Then in the view, right click on the “Capella Requirements” view and click on “Reference”.
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Awesome! That was it! Now, next question is, if I didn’t include a standard capella viewpoint when I created a project (like say, EPBS for example), is there a way to add that after the project has been setup?

I looked in the capella documentation trying to find out how to do this, but it didn’t seem to show up.

Hi, yes.
To add EPBS at least.
For Operational Analysis, it can be more complicated as some references from System Analysis elements may not be created automatically. [1]

  • On the Aird > Right click > Viewpoint Selection, check “EPBS architecture”.
  • On the root System Engineering, Right Click > Add EPBS Architecture.

image For instance, Root System Function will not realize Root Operational Activity


Nice one Philippe, I did not know that was feasible!!

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