Add-ons not available

I’ve run into an issue where if I look at the Viewpoints Selection some of the add-ons I have installed are greyed out and I can’t check or uncheck the boxes to use them. This is specifically happening with Requirements Viewpoint and Filtering add-ons. I did have one session where I was able to use Requirements Viewpoint to import a ReqIF, but when I tried on another project I had I couldn’t see the option to import a ReqIF and the add-on was somehow unchecked in Viewpoint Selection. Can anyone explain what causes those boxes to be checked or unchecked? Or why the add-on works in one project and not the other? The projects were on the same device and installation of Capella (5.1.0).

I think it would work if you would use the “reference” action from Viewpoint Manager window. Your session has to be opened so that you can execute this action.

Thank you this corrected the issue.