Actors Generalization in Operational Layer

Hi, I can’t find a way to set up a generalization between Operational actors in an OCB diagram.
Is that meant to be that way?
Could the attached example be considered as correct? I would like to say that a Train Conductor is (also) a ticket inspector.

There is no generalization between Operational Actors.
In your diagram, you are saying that both op actors are involved on checking tickets, but you are not formally specifying that a Train Conductor IS (also) A ticket inspector.
You could involve the actors to the more detailed operational capabilities, so you can more precisely say to which capabilities they will contribute. But even then you won’t be saying that a Train Conductor IS (also) A ticket inspector.
You can use Roles to define which are the Operational Activities that can be performed by both the Conductor and the Inspector (e.g. ticket checker role that will be implemented by both actors).
Hope it helps,

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