Actor Function Breakdown

How do I breakdown an actor function? I tried SFBD, but apparently I can’t create any function when it is open.
I tried the blank too, but when I drag the actor function into an actor function, it doesn’t work. It can only be dragged in a system function. What can I do?
That is all done in the System Analysis part.
And while I am at it, can you explain me what’s a “Operational Activity Realizations” in the AF/SF properties?

First question, I figured it out. In the workbench it is not possible, but in the Capella Project Explorer, you can move anything around, so a new function can be created and others are totally flexible. It is strange that it cannot be done directly in the workbench.
As for the OA realizations, i still couldn’t understand it.

In the Operational Analysis perspective you focus on the stakeholders (Operational Entities and Actors) and how they interact or shall interact to achieve their goals. During this process you define Operational Activities, which are the activities performed by them.
In the System Needs Analysis perspective you focus on your System and on what it shall do. For that you define Functions and Functional Exchanges.
If you want to:

  • define what is the contribution of your System to the stakeholders’ activities (and hence, their goals),
  • check that all your Functions contribute somehow to stakeholders goals
  • check that all the relevant stakeholders Operational Activities are covered by a Function
    You can map Functions to the Operational Activities, using this “realization” link. You can do it manually or using the Traceability Matrix.
    Hope it helps,
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