Activity Interaction Scenario export

Hi all,
I got some problems when exporting activity interaction scenarios.
When I use the “{m:if isRepresentationDescriptionName(‘Activity Interaction Scenario’)}”, the validation indicates ‘The predicate never evaluates to a boolean type ([Sequence(boolean)])’. But when I use it as a command {m:sce.isRepresentationDescriptionName(‘Activity Interaction Scenario’)}, there is no error information and it can return to true or false. Anyone knows what caused this?
Thanks alot.

You need to execute the test on a model element and in this case on a scenario.
Starting from the sample templates provided with M2Doc you can write:
You need to understand that “isRepresentationDescriptionName” is used to check if a model element has a diagram of a given type attached to it. It does not allow to check if there is some kind of diagrams in your entire model.

That is exactly what I wrote in my template and it returns to the error message I mentioned above.

Could you please provide us the version of Capella and the version of M2Doc you use?

My Capella version is 1.2.1 and my M2Doc version is 2.0.0